Ryan McCormick

Ryan is an interactive advertising veteran who has contributed to the production of interactive and traditional ad campaigns that have received over 70+ national and international awards for brands such as Clorox, BC Dairy, Canadian Tourism Commission, Boston Pizza, Electronic Arts, PBS, TELUS and Quicken to name a few. 

He's assisted and worked with agencies such as Blast RadiusHangar 18Switch UnitedThe Vacuum and DDB Canada. During his stint at Tribal DDB, he bridged the gap between digital and traditional advertising and became their first truly Integrated Producer. Ryan has been called "a genie in a bottle, without the bottle and the unfortunate choice of clothing" for his ability to get solid results for his clients on time and on budget. 

He now applies his vast digital knowledge, level head and acrobatic thinking to ensure that POWERSHiFTER continues to deliver high value, high impact interactive communications strategies for our client base.

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